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We have an expert level On Site Training Program designed to train from basic scratch level beginners to professional level seeking competency in meeting Industry standards and Certifications. The regular schools ordinarily prefer to train company personnel at the school with respect to considerations such as factoring moods and typical school environment for learning whereas we feel that there are always exceptions. We specialize in On Site Training scenarios whereby companies desire in the interests of their staff to be trained on their site and a number of aspects sometimes contribute to these requests such as difficulty in driving time driving distances for staff with respect to organizing a class on site and offering ease of monitoring performance, assessment and grading during the training program. We cater for such selected requests and it is desired that the number of employees and preferred training and certification areas be accompanied with such requests enabling us to formulate a conducive and meaningful hands on training program On Site to efficiently meet the day to day on job working essentials competently. Constant watch and grading is maintained from start to finish throughout the training program in observing aptitudes not with the attitude of passing or failing any individual but to analyze and improve the understanding and comprehension of any one falling behind class level or established assessment and training level so that everyone is at par and working expertise is standardized.




                                                                              ONE-ON-ONE TRAINING


Among the various interesting factors attributing to the school's success calls for the one-on-one private tutoring facility. We also appreciate at times for the call to such an specified request as for the one-on-one private tutoring and engage into such an eventful exercise focusing total and undivided attention towards the individual seeking such privatized training. This kind of training allows some individuals to carry out their objective in learning with their speed and concerns without meeting the pace and level of others in the class, thus making more out of the minutes in time and specializing and realizing skills with customized attention and personalized reasoning. The meetings are most mature and extremely productive designed to teach on the basis of teaching and testing as the course goes on. In these training programs, there is no way to hide from competence, no way for failure and there is absolutely no way to escape success. Of course, these cases apply to special arrangements and thereby special engagements may apply to the contributing factors for such meaningful analysis. These programs can be offered at any preferred schedules and the length of the hours of training can also be adjusted in accordance with the coping level which may differ from person to person as the case may be at the sole discretion of the institution. Whereas the length of the courses may be increased in such training programs as they are privately organized to suit the tailoring of those signed up for, again depending upon and, at the sole discretion of the institution. The very thought and spirit around this and every training program here is to facilitate and lay out a transparent prospectus for each individual to follow, understand and to be satisfied with at the beginning of the training, during the training, at the end and after the completion of the training program signed up for.




                                                                                   COURSE BEGINNING AND COMPLETION


Rounds of meetings take place between instructors and administrator studying student backgrounds with respect to the training program signed up for in order to establish the criteria related with each student for a better beginning and easier understanding of the course throughout the training program. All trainees are encouraged to ask questions and all questions equally appreciated. Undivided attention towards each trainee is displayed throughout every single training session from start to finish. Carefully conducted training programs revolving around meaningful skill factors and necessary schedules involving active participation throughout the entire course duration come to a satisfactory completion, meeting the established criteria of merits designed to prepare and produce qualified specialists. The course completion includes for and on the part of the trainees to undergo various elements of hands-on training including, but not limited to, course related grassroot level basics, potential internet research, applicable labs, official course curriculum/study guides, question/answer sessions, printed question and answers for home review, homework, field assignments, school project and real world walk-in scenarios. Any difficulty faced during any specific session is ironed out during the end of that session as the last moments in class are covered with a brief review of the session and question and answers are conducted to establish session grading.



                                                                                      ADVANTAGE OVER OTHER SCHOOLS


Respecting the very fact that each and every school has its own individuality and training style, standard and programs, there are certain factors separating the best ones from the better ones. Whereas the charm of an institution lies in its learning environment, modern training aids, helpful staff, qualified trainers, good results, positive student feedback, happy letters and pleasant references, much also depends on the features allowing extra miles for the trainees. Here, the school remains open 7 days and nights the whole year round. Strong emphasis on students is to display and show learned expertise in purely student group sessions, allowing students to share and identify their technical difficulties for consolidated resolves later with the instructor. Extra lab time is encouraged throughout the week. Personalized progress reports are built during the training to ascertain any weaknesses faced by the trainees. Here at the school, on the spot in-house consulting and advisory counseling service offers necessary and valued guidance, support and direction to all students from general issues to professional career building horizons. Continued presentations and successful project completion is another significant item that plays a pivotal role in identifying this school with the rest. Annual students’ get-together is arranged to allow new students to meet the old ones and learn from their success stories and derive plausible employment opportunities from the event as other guests in the function include employment agencies and HR personnel from leading corporations. All this is done to stand out as a trendsetter in paving way for the sanctity of improved educational standards in the line of duty which is entrusted to us. The above sequence may not prove to be better than another in competence but does reflect upon the level of spirit, expertise and engagement towards success.




                                                                                        CONSULTING AND ADVISORIES


This is a courtesy feature prescribing possibilities and directions to all newcomers seeking consulting for success paths and caution advice. Besides working on the demanding grasp on specialization in desired direction, it has been observed that well planned advancement towards career building has proved its dividends to all those who plan ahead. This facility is available to everyone, starting from those who are looking at where to start from and to those who are quite familiar with industry layout but still need finer guidelines and second opinion. Guidance to various departmental selections of training areas be it extremely basic or extremely complex, with respect to the day to day real world usage and application is offered through the consulting and advisory feature. With prior appointment, even detailed session can be offered for topics such as resume building, job interview preparations and job search parameters enabling a productive measure of outcome referring to a time well spent. Consulting and advisories are available 365 days round the year providing stronger conceptual understanding of the working world. Healthy utilization of enhanced capabilities learned and achieved is advised while climbing the success ladder. Consulting and advisories is also sometimes approached for and accorded in view of the fact that maintenance towards currency is essentially required in the valuable asset management where asset is assessed as the expertise in configuration and implementation of the know how in the areas of well-deserved prospective employment and career enhancement.