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One added valued feature in every good institution is to offer successful job placement facility. This valued attribute is put to service here under consulting and advisory services. The School offers free consulting with the Director with scheduled appointment for all career related and placement services. Routine contact with recruiters and human resources departments of various companies keeps the awareness factor current with the prevailing market graphs and running conditions. The school works towards finding its graduates in leading establishments and also provides a “Job Listing” bulletin board for students to review employment opportunities. The school however cannot guarantee placement or use it as a tool for student enrollment. An employment preparedness class is given at the end of the educational program with interview & on job expectancy. Preparations are also exercised to develop skills for preparing a resume, interviews, dressing and other attributes to meet a successful career. By the Grace of God, so far here, the placement feature has proved to be extremely rewarding as our well-trained students have been successfully employed. During training sessions, rigorous skills are embedded in the hours of condensed training exercises followed by tests and hands on project presentations for healthy job placements recommendations in the area of student’s expertise. Here at this school, we are extremely confident that after intense quality training our students can perform the desired expertise in the on-job testing assignments with total ease of configuration, confident implementation and rewarding professionalism.



Here at the school, we invite qualified personnel from the industry working in various departments be it IT, HR or any other. It has always been found to be very popular among students. This an orthodox but effective method of preparing our students for their actual expectation with respect to what they would actually be looking at doing or required to do once on the job. The speakers offer a lecture on their day-to-day working practices and also talk about, more importantly, the emergencies and order of priorities and initiatives resulting in good and bad results. These speakers offer   valuable tips on ways to solutions to some of the most critical experience faced by experts at the industry level. This opens and broadens up the scope of the growing learning stage for setting up higher goals in meeting the impressions set by the visiting industry personnel. Lecture is followed by question and answer session leading from very basic question to some extremely valid and mind-boggling scenario questions raised by the students.  All questions are equally valued and responded to by in the most proficient manner by the speakers and the outcome is a most intriguing, knowledgeable and educational seminar. Everyone is encouraged to put forward their questions and point of view to allow active participation in this healthy engagement.  Product and productivity are also discussed with hiring and firing issues and in watching out for the DO's and DON'Ts of the industry practices.  Precious advice is offered in developing a serious and professional image and how to deliver and maintain the very first best impression on to the employers, hiring authorities and immediate superiors. Lights are also shed on the aspects of climbing the corporate ladder and how important it is not miss out on the steps to success. It is emphasized that every journey to career development has to be started with the first step and then while earning credibility step by step the competence may result at some stage conquering goals in leaps and bounds.