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Compliance & Implementation for Healthcare Providers & Practitioners

Electronic Health Records and Electronic Medical Records are all over the news with recent focus on Health Care Information Technology. With the advancement in space, science & technology, the world of medical information standards is also transforming and Health Care is getting a major information technology overhaul as we move towards a digital age in health care. Doctors are now required to replace medical paper charts with digital technology (EHR / EMR).


The government wants to upgrade the health industry into the digital age and has provided incentives for those who adopt electronic health records (EHR). However, like all government benefits, the electronic medical records mandate also comes with strings attached. For those who do not meet deadlines for EHR / EMR implementation, the government has laid out a series of penalties. Adopting the government’s electronic records mandate will not be easy without proper guidance and implementation by seasoned professionals. But the incentives and potential penalties under the Recovery Act have made it clear that they no longer can put off the challenging task of parting with their paper charts.


Digital Medical Records Incentive

Encouragingly, on the other hand, as part of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act, physicians can receive up to $44,000 in Medicare incentive payments beginning in 2011 for implementing EMR systems. Physicians must be able to demonstrate “meaningful use.”   


EMR Implementation Can Help Avoid Penalties.

In order to avoid being penalized, physicians should prepare by knowing the process, time limits, and requirements for implementing EMR systems.


Since each physician’s digital medical records needs and requirements are different, the lead-time for a EMR implementation is around 2-4 months. There is also 6-8 months of training so each physician in a practice qualifies as a “meaningful EHR user.”


Our healthcare industry is in the the process of an exciting technology transformation. Governmental entities , trade sectors and even the President has been seen talking about the widespread IT adoption. Health care professionals are now seen rushing to meet these call of the hour. Health care providers of all specialties are beginning to switch in their paper charts for easy computer applications that help improve patient care, induce greater efficiency and productivity with more revenue.


USA Expedition with years of leading IT competency standards makes Health information technology (HIT) pleasantly possible for all health care providers to better manage patient care through easy, speedy & secure use of new electronic health records, instead of paper medical records to maintain people's health information.  It will save time and save lives.

With the help of healthcare  IT,  health care providers will have:

Accurate and complete information about a patient's health. That way they can give the best possible care, whether during a routine visit or a medical emergency.

  • The ability to better coordinate the care they give. This is especially important if a patient has a serious medical condition.
  • A way to securely share information with patients and their family caregivers over the Internet, for patients who opt for this convenience. This means patients and their families can more fully take part in decisions about their health care.






    EMR / EHR Systems




    Medical Specialists





    Information to help doctors diagnose health a problem sooner, reduce medical errors, and provides safer care at lower costs.


USA EXPEDITION HIT (Healthcare Information Technology) EMR Infrastructure Setup - Support & Services


Offers a concept of money saving, time saving and a problem free comprehensive EMR / EHR  turn key operation setup services  to all health care practitioners and providers.  Certified experts with years of successful accomplishments, serving industry standards & management in advanced technology with an excellent feedback on customized service and support is the secured hall mark of our operational expertise. We configure and implement speedy EHR / EMR program, without disturbing your existing practice. We will train you & your staff to ensure affective & meaningful use with our excellent after set up support services.  Our IT team is experienced certified specialists - trained to maintain the hardware and IT equipment needed to operate your EHR / EMR and practice management. Our IT team is equipped with reliable, secure hardware and software to ensure responsible handling of your patient and office data.


Phases of EHR / EMR Implementation:  Depending on your facility and agreed implementation plan, we will meet the conclusive arrangement with operational integrity and professionalism in accordance with our high industry standards to accommodate your practice with an easy scientific platform securing necessary regulatory deadlines. 


  • Facility assessment to evaluate existing conditions and submit a report.
  • Present an orderly, expeditious and functional implementation plan
  • Sign up for operational implementation to initiate commencement.
  • Installation / upgrade of necessary hardware,
  • Installation / upgrade of necessary operating system or network
  • Installation of necessary EHR/EMR on the network
  • Configure modules to work with doctor’s workflow needs
  • Customization, Testing & EHR/EMR Operational Phase
  • Staff fluent operational integration with training services
  • Maintenance & Support



The following eligible professionals and hospitals may participate in the EHR incentive program:


Eligible Professionals:

  • Physicians
  • Nurse practitioners
  • Certified nurse-midwives
  • Dentists
  • Optometrists
  • Physician assistants who are working in a Federally Qualified Health Center (FQHC) or Rural Health Clinic (RHC) that is led by a physician assistant

Eligible Hospitals

  • Acute care hospitals (including critical access hospitals and cancer hospitals)
  • Children's hospitals

Incentive Payments - Eligible Professionals

  • Maximum incentives are $ 63,750 over six years
  • First year payment is $ 21,250 if a provider adopts, implements or upgrades certified EHR technology
  • Incentive payments are same regardless of starting year
  • Must begin by 2016 to receive incentive payments

EHR Incentive Program Eligibility for Medi-Cal

Eligible professionals must be fully licensed and credentialed in California and may not be excluded from federal funding.

Eligible professionals and hospitals must demonstrate adoption, implementation or upgrade of a certified EHR system and "meaningful use"  of the technology in order to qualify for the incentive payments.