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Centrally located in West Hills, California. USA Expedition has been achieving goals with successful completion of diversified IT projects, implementations, management, and training assignments. Dedicated professionals ready to commence, expedite and meet the official proceedings in accordance with the pleasant facilitation on our corporate, private, and public undertakings is the hallmark of USA Expedition. We are offering a concept of time-saving, money-saving, result-oriented, profession - based consolidated facility in a meaningful expeditious and orderly flow with much more. Having undertaken and successfully completed a large number of sensitive and customized projects, we specialize in implementing complex areas of IT set up in its simplest of forms with latest real-world scenarios applicable to corporate structure and work related design with much needed patience , dedication and comforting the reasoning of mind for necessary application and use. We cater from absolute beginners in IT set up to matured professional operations alike. In fact, having set up absolute new set up from scratch to the level of matured professional operations is the identity of our well respected   and valued institution. Once an assignment is taken, the client is always welcome for valued reviews and meaningful and personalized job advisories. Old clients and new clients alike get our undivided attention, enabling and improving their potential prospects of becoming fluent and advanced operators, meeting the quality of standards desired by the industry for various job assignments.


Our training institution is second to none with expert level transfer of knowledge available to convert beginners into professionals in an accelerated fashion on simplified fingertips. We are also an authorized and approved Testing Center for certifications such as expressed in the enclosed description in the chapter covering licenses, certifications, exams, and testing facilities. Candidates from all walks of IT and other professional circles register for their necessary career advancement, employer requirement, their respective training, certification and testing with us. Our programs are focused on practical factors and our endeavor has successfully been to maintain the first-class merits of the industry standards practiced in actively engrossed and effective mixed mode environment.


We take pride in meeting our assignments and among other personalized aspects apply the user-friendly method as one of the main factors attributing towards the meaningful and plausible winning results at this specialized institution. We are here to facilitate, honor and oblige the community by offering our every attention during progressive workflow and follow through our every best 'till project completion and thereafter. 

Although a large choice of services facilitation and attractions are out there to pick from, but our advantages are real and set for long term relationships. 


With Best Wishes,

Principal Director 

Projects, Training and Standards




The school has endeavored to maintain the supremacy in the training arena and have even helped in raising the standards of others in meeting this healthy competition. The school exercises the strict discipline in applying and building a positive learning environment. In the interest of quality training and quality product, the school has standardized and restricted the number of students in all classes from 4 to 6 unless otherwise especially authorized by the administrator for review or any other special case. The school takes pride in offering up to date training equipment in well-lit up classrooms such as white boards, colored markers, overhead projectors, computers, printers, key boards, mouse, network, hub, router, switches especially modified and designed course slides, internet, etc. The official course study material is used. The training circulates and revolves around the official industry study material as the center of attraction. Various reference materials are applied with hand outs and web research leads. Well prepared and printed questions with answers are provided for a relaxed comprehension and more specific consumption.



Innovative as the training dispersal is at this school so are some of its fundamentals aspects which contribute towards specialized efforts in making things better. One such particularly important role is played through student presentations at regular intervals during each course. These presentations are arranged, organized, and required by the school in order to grade the level of training standards being accorded by the trainers. The students are required to prepare lecture on the course in progress and on the latest area of coverage. The students are required to conduct the presentation as trainers and are also required to display expertise in performing labs. The instructors specifically conduct special session and help the students to enable a plausible presentation. Later, a class is arranged with new students or sometimes visitors and the presentation is made before the entire class in a professional manner. If there is any discrepancy, the presentation is repeated until satisfactory results are achieved. Self-confidence, self-determination, self-evaluations are the true emerging colors out of the presentation process offering true performance and standing in the course. The presentation process also prepares the trainees towards a stronger candidature for corporate level job interviews and pleasantly unveils hidden qualities of the trainees.



A simple measure in weighing an institution is in its success rate. Unless ample emphasis is put separately on this issue from the beginning to the end of the training program, it may become difficult to maintain sound and profound grounds in this area at some later stage. Here the students are informed and displayed the success rate of the school from the very beginning. Also, it is pointed out to the candidates as to how important role does the positive or negative success rate effects the image of the school because of an individual's good or bad results. A program is laid out observing the performance and readiness for exam preparations and close contact is kept with the students. A deadline schedule is followed up in sequence in motivating the taking of exams without causing unnecessary delay. Once the students are found confident and ready, they are encouraged to register for the certification exams, and we feel proud in producing and presenting a great success rate of over 90%. We are confident in the performance of our training standards and it's our every endeavor to live up to the best success rate in maintaining and further improving it for the sake of setting examples as a trendsetter and be recognized as such by the industry. All this is done not only for the personal institutional recognition but also in the larger betterment of the institutional responsibilities, professional ethics, and quality control and to justify the root cause for the very existence of training. Having mentioned all the above, it is most important fact that the success does not completely depend on the institutional training styles and follow ups. Most depends upon the individuals own will, determination, and hard work to make the combination work in producing a smarter generation of experts for the world today.


Among other revolutionary methods used in imparting training here at the school, a unique attribute specifically designed by the school to shape the training program towards a conclusive accomplishment called the school project is developed during the course from start to finish. Considering the corporate environment and the real-world business activity today, the entire course ingredients are molded into a project. The whole project is then divided into small labs and the labs are further divided into simple steps of lecture and hands-on training. The focus on the training program is to give the students a clear and conceivable idea of what they would be applying themselves in their on-the-job day-to-day duties and assignments. The spirit behind the idea is to present project completion undertaking which paves way through various exercises towards a clear-cut picture of ascertaining knowledge input and output in actual application and force. The project and course are so designed as to reach completion together and a proud successful project completion certificate is issued to the students. The successful project completion certificate also portrays a strong view of skills and capabilities on the resume of the students besides the industry certification.






In conjunction with the real-world application and the industry standard requirements, a realistic course outline and breakdown is prepared. This condensed and concentrated course outline is then broken down into easy consumption and understanding to the level of a non-technical and lay person. This magic potion of self-designed course coverage is then subdivided into further easy examples of hands-on training with simplified labs and with the user-friendly techniques which are easy to remember and easier to apply. This serves as the juice of the entire course and the comprehension is found to be highly effective. From case to case, a new and a different approach is identified and applied, keeping various factors in consideration such as the student background and skill levels. Slowly all the aspects of the easier broken-down course outlines are put together in streamlining the theme of the main course coverage and the expertise are developed in accordance with criteria established by the industry standards. During this process, the students have already reached a higher level of understanding and the learning skills become sharper with a much more eager mind. With the prompting and promoting of skill levels, the core training program is brought into effect bringing in gradually the tricky and advanced areas of training. All stations are passed successfully with the help, motivation, dedication and cooperation between both trainee and the trainer. Preparing and producing best expertise is the prime objective, goal and target of this privatized and customized training program with least amount of pressure and workload factors easily.



It is desirable at times to be able to back in time and pick up some training while it had lasted. Here at the school, we have made that thought come true. Trainees are on case per case basis allowed to apply for free reviews for the courses attended earlier. The case is studied and approved on the basis of seriousness in order to uphold the value of training and facility extended. From portion of courses to the entire course may be approved for a free review depending on the nature of the application. This feature is very precious and cannot be freely accorded on free to all basis as it would disturb the very essence of the training program and class sizes. Furthermore, it would take away the initiative of paying attention the very first time in going through the training program. It has been observed that those allowed to sit through for reviews have benefited strongly from going through such programs and have applied themselves well there onwards as the case may be. In return, the students undergoing free review have to display positive understandings and feedback which is noted and reported by their trainers regularly. These reports are discussed with the students and further encouragement is accorded highlighting the areas of improvement and concern. In these reviews, seats are especially created to meet the assignment and attendance is strictly observed. A total of 3 absences are allowed, but upon any 2 consecutive absences, the review is due to be disallowed to maintain the sanctity of the training time and the seriousness towards professionalism. Free reviews are also offered during the training program on the areas of difficulty requested by the students and are covered ensuring satisfactory conceptual understanding confirmed at the end of the review session by questions and answers on topics discussed. This enables assessment on the areas of review and determines the quality of time spent by the school in forming another level of extra mileage towards realizing the quality control and training standards.


Open 365 Days & Nights


Every institution has its own individuality, extra mileage and plus points. Here at the school, we offer everyday possibility--morning evening and nighttime availability with choice of weekend schedules. The school is open every single day and the doors are open to all seeking excitement and adventure by receiving and reaching first class competency level advantage and becoming technically valuable and wanted. This value-added feature enables time for extra attendance and practicing more lab time at convenience and intervals. Choice is the measure of the industry with quality time. Here, flexible schedules befitting each individual's specific requirement are met, conducting smooth and beneficial training operations in the larger interests of the professional sanctity and educational standards. The 365 days and nights year-round the year open facility comes in handy at times during holiday seasons when help is needed, or advice is required for necessary applicable issues. We are always here and are happy to be within reach equipped with all necessary help, advice, consultation, and most appropriate training programs embedded along with our pride of performance. Our endeavor remains to be there every time at every call and especially at our every best round the year, every year.